Your Slice of Magic is Up For Grabs When the World is in Chaos

I’ve written about this topic before, but now seems as good a time as any to write about it again. And you may ask, what is “it”?

“It” is the fact that magic is material thing. It has material properties. There is a certain amount of magic in the world, and right now people are giving up their inherent right to use that magic… which means there is more of “it” up for grabs to those who want it.

Why No One Wants Magic When They Most Need It

Right now, as we are speeding into the Aquarian Age, people are experiencing chaos as never before, which means they need magic more than ever. There are more car wrecks, medical emergencies, lost jobs, and other personal tragedies than there has been in a long time.

Magic would really help the people who are experiencing these chaotic events, which includes almost everyone, and yet people are turning away from magic more than ever.

Why is that? Because people are not thinking clearly. Because people have lost faith. Because people are so focused on their problems that they can’t think about solutions. Because people are too busy throwing pity parties for themselves and each other to even consider Remote Magic Show hire.

That’s bad news for those people who are subject to all of the factors above.

That’s also good news for those of us who understand the fact that when people give up their right to their share of magic in the world, there is more magic available to the rest of us.

Magic is Material So Grab Your Piece of the Pie

While it’s natural to think about magic as ethereal, mystical, and somehow airy-fairy “less than real,” if you want to bring more magic into your life you have to start thinking about magic as something material.

Think about magic as a pie… a very large pie that is normally divided among all the people in the world. If everyone in the world were to claim their slice of the pie, each person would end up with a pretty small slice of magic because there are a lot of people in the world.

Now consider the fact that the majority of the people in the world are not claiming their slice of the pie. That means that the people who are claiming their share of magic get a much larger slice of pie, or magic.

So, grab your slice of magical pie because it is out there, free, up for grabs, and easier to access right now than ever.

How Do You Bring More Magic Into Your Life?

The ways you can use to bring more magic into your life are way too numerous to count in a single article or blog post, but suffice to say that pretty much any way you ask for magic to show up in your life, it will.

There is that much magic up for grabs right now, really.

Here are 3 ways that might appeal to you:

1. Use Magical Books

Whether you use a daily planetary guide or the Medicine Cards or a book of angels, using a book that references the higher allows you to stay in touch with the higher… and claim the magic that is yours.

Many practitioners start their day by opening a book of angels to a random page, reading an excerpt, and doing a short 10 minute meditation on the reading. You can do the same with a book of dreams, a book of magic rituals… basically any book related to the higher.

2. Look for Synchronicity

Any form of synchronicity is a “thumbs up” sign from the Universe, at least in my world. For instance, Dick Francis is one of my favorite authors and I have every book he wrote. The other day, I was reading a different book and the main character proclaimed that her favorite author was Dick Francis.

That’s synchronicity. True, the event was small, but I took it as a positive sign from the Universe that said, “Everything is fine. Everything always works out for the best. Be at ease.”

At a time when chaos is occurring left, right, and center, I accept these kinds of magical messages from any direction… regardless of size.

3. Start and End Your Day Magically

If you want to attract magic into your life, start and end your day by calling in the magic. Whether you practice the Navajo Beauty Way, meditate at the beginning and ending of each day, journal, or do yoga, connecting with magic at both ends of your day is a powerful way to ensure that magic shows up somewhere in the middle.

One way that I love to call forth the magic is to do meditations:

1. In the morning, I meditate and call in the kinds of magic I want and need during the coming day. I call on my angels, spirit guides, and totems. I use several types of daily rituals during my meditations as well.

2. In the evening, before bed, I call back to me all the energies I have released during the day that I want back. I also release any energies that I have accumulated that I no longer wish to hold.



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