The Choice Between White Nursing Uniforms Or Scrubs

Conventionally, we can easily say a particular person’s occupation by the way he or she dresses or the kind of uniform he or she is using on. Everyone knows that hard hats are for engineers and architects while collars and suits are for office men or bankers. Colors also have been a determinant of what a man’s occupation is. Flaunt a camouflage suit and everyone knows you are a soldier, and when you flair a pair of whites then you must be a doctor, a nurse, or a healthcare worker.

Normally and historically, nurses wore white tops and skirts. For whatever reasons whoever can give to that is no longer important. It just so happen that this color is universally accepted as the color of medical uniforms. But often, there are differing views of the practicality of the said color particularly on the nature of the work nurses of healthcare workers have. And as time pass by, other diversities in terms of the accepted garment used by the medical people has been changed. Today, nurses can have their own choice what garment they want to use whether it be a conventional white uniform or a plain and rugged nursing scrub.

On the side of professional ethics or norm, white uniforms are still the prerogative of majority of the people on this field. Considerably, whites as what they call those, is the type “A” uniform or the business dress code. Just like a soldier who can wear a multiple pocket battle dress uniforms during war or on the field and flair a stiff type “A” uniforms for official purposes. But the militaries purposes are way too different that the nurses’. It goes to say that white uniforms could have in a way not the most suited color for nurses’ uniforms.

Today, the use of different colored and printed nursing scrubs paved way for a new smart and effectiveness and a little diversion in the medical world. Scrubs are the battle dress uniforms of nurses and healthcare workers. But why is it that the rugged apparels are more preferred by nurses? There are few reasons why:

1. The term scrubs is now becoming synonymous with aprons the difference is that scrubs cover all the body. A nurse is exposed to different kinds of task during a shift and as well as different human and natural fluids. Normally, these tasks and fluids can contact with the scrub and to mind you they are not colorless or odorless. To have a white uniform for a nurse would mean that each shift, she or he would be displeased by the mess the fluids brought to the apparel.

2. Though white uniforms tend to foster professionalism and superiority, same qualities would somehow affect patient to nurse relationship and nurse to nurse relationship. However, ironically many patients would love to see nurses on whites than on other colors.

3. White cloths have see-through effect except otherwise you choose thicker and more uncomfortable cloths. This is in some way not too good in the medical arena as it might in one way or the other affect nurses’ jobs.

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