Cannabis Alcohol – Determining if you have a problem

Cannabis is a controversial topic these days. Although many people believe that marijuana is not addictive, it is hard to deny its ability to take over a person’s life. Whether compulsion to eat is physical, psychological or a combination of both, it is a condition that must always be kept in mind. There are many factors to consider when determining whether you are addicted to something, but it comes down to the more it becomes a part of your life. This can sometimes be difficult to figure out because people often want to believe that they are still in control of their lives.


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To get over past denial, it helps to ask yourself some questions about drug use. What determines what is good for considering cannabis dependence is whether you develop a tolerance to the substance. If you need other drugs to achieve the same level, there is a serious problem. Another sign is if you feel like you have to eat more every day. If you start using just once in a while and find yourself smoking marijuana weekly, daily, or even frequently, using marijuana is no longer just a hobby. Another factor used to diagnose cannabis dependence is whether you have tried to quit smoking or have succeeded. Everyone thinks they can quit whenever they want, but if you try and fail, your marijuana problem will be solved. Also, if when you try to quit smoking you get ring marks, that’s a sure sign that you have the body. The role that marijuana plays in your life should also be explored. If you find yourself participating in social activities, skipping important events, or even missing work because you choose to use marijuana instead, that is a sure sign that you have a drug addiction problem.

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